Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too Much For You Two To Do

If you read this post/PINT then you knew this was coming. Those of you awesome ladies who gave some ideas in your comments, you, my friends, are getting a "Check Out/Shout Out"!

This is the first official Grammar-On-the-Go. I am not promising it will be on the same day every single week, but for right now it will be Wednesdays. 

***I am NOT judging ANYONE by their grammar skills.***

I see the blogging world as a place to be released from the chains of some grammar restrictions and use crazy spelling and alternative punctuation, but some of you have sent me emails and messages stating that you want to improve your writing.

Plus, I am one of the main ones who loves to spell things a little crazy-like for emphasis (i.e. "puh-leez").

I received so many emails, messages, and comments following my post on the non-existent word "alot" that it inspired me to start this little weekly "enlightenment." 

(I won't say "lesson" because, that's just plain intimidating.)

I have been out of the classroom for almost a year, and it is killing me.

 I love teaching and helping folks with new or difficult aspects of Language Arts.

One more thing: if you can give me lesson enlightenment topics to cover, when I do, your blog gets a Check Out/Shout Out! In other words, I am giving you a shout out so my readers will check out your blog. 

Here we go...

Welcome to the first ever "Grammar-On-the-Go" with me - Bethany!

The idea of these quick tips are to help writers (and speakers) with common mistakes, not so common mistakes, and habits in an easy, quick, breezy manner: hence "…on-the-go."

By the way, CCW = Commonly Confused Words.


I know for most of the writers out there this is a given; however, you will not believe how many blogs that I have read that misuse these. It also happens all of the time if you are typing in a hurry because spellcheck will not catch it.

{ TO } 

Use the word to when you are talking about an extent or direction.

Ex. 1 - Chris P. Kreem went to the wrong party. 

Ex. 2 - Ella Mentry needed to go to therapy.

{ TOO }

Use too when you are talking about something in addition to or to an excess.

Ex. 1 - Supah had too much fun at Swan Lake.

Ex. 2 - She wanted to take a nap, too.


{ TWO }

You better already know this one, if not it's too late; let's review.
The word two represents the number 2.

Ex. 1 - The mother said to the teller at the window, "I am going to need two and a half lollipops."

Ex. 2 - Leigha Tard opened door number two.

{ TUTU }

I have to admit that I added this just because it rhymed and looks cute.
A tutu is a ballet dancer costume that has a bodice with sleeves maybe or a skirt.

Ex. 1 - I have always looked scary in a tutu.

Ex. 2 - That tutu is too small for her to wear! <---Ta Da…Did you see that: all four forms?!

***Shout Out***

Subfertile Frugalista : because she requested that I cover this topic - check her out!

I'll let you know if if I gave you a "Shout Out to Check Out," then you can post the button to your blog...if you want...please...please...you know if you have room. No biggie. =)

And, yes, that is MY mouth in the button. =)



  1. I think, I might overuse commas, because, I always have to question, if I put them in the right spot.

    Okay, I'm not that bad. I need a refresher on the proper places to put them, or rather, where not to. Did I just end with a preposition? This is getting complicated.

    Another one that I always question is effect vs. affect. That one stumps me sometimes.

    And for the pet peeve in me, you could cover then vs. than. I hate it when people use the wrong one.

  2. LOVE it! Thanks for giving me the shout out...button is going on the blog right now!

    Your post was tutu cute! (Get it?)

    I, too, misuse commas. I can't help it. But I never evah misuse my too/to/two's! (Except in the sentance above.)

  3. I love this new section!! I have a 12 year old son and a husband who has returned to school to complete his degree, so grammar is a very common topic at our house.

    It is so funny because I was thinking about ideas and thought about "effect vs. affect" (We just talked about this last weekend!) and the overuse of commas (which I do as well, I think) and ending sentences with a proposition. And then I read the comment above and she put the EXACT same ideas down!! I guess great minds think alike- or these are common grammar issues:).

    So, to add to the list of suggestions...

    ~Quotation marks- when to use " vs. ', and when either of them are completely unnecessary

    ~Good vs. well- using good as an adverb as opposed to an adjective

    ~The use of the ";" --W/ shortcut text & chat symbols (like the one I just used :)), we forget about the proper symbols to use when we are writing an actual document, other than a quick message.

    ~Oh yeah, one more- punctuating before the "abcd" or after

    I'll give more ideas as they come up! My blog is still under construction, so no need for shout out yet:).

  4. Okay, now I'm paranoid...

    "when either of them are completely unnecessary"?

    That's totally wrong, huh??

  5. Fabulous idea you have here. I never correct people but I do kinda go crazy inside when grammar is consistently poor.

    Here's another big one: "your" vs. "you're".

    And other examples of things that make me cringe inside which may not belong here but hey, maybe they do:

    - "Awe" as opposed to "Awww". "Awe" is a word in its own right, people!

    - "Wallah" (or any variation) as opposed to "Voila". Cringe, I tell you!

    - "Its" and "It's". Actually that probably does fall in the category of something you might cover.

    I love the way you presented this enlightenment to us!

  6. What's a dangling participle. IT just sounds- not right. <---wait.. is that dangling????



  7. I hope you'll do a post about the difference between "your" and "you're"...the incorrect usage makes me want to scoop my eyeball out with a plastic spoon.