Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Effect Will This Affective Post Have on You?

To begin with, I am going to run over the parts of speech for those who are still a little rusty because what's the point in telling one word is an adjective and one is an adverb when you don't know the difference?

noun A word or phrase that names a person, place, thing, quality, or act (Zac, New York, table, beauty, execution ). 
verb A word or phrase that expresses action, existence, or occurrence (throw, be, happen ). 
adjective A word or combination of words that modifies a noun (blue-green, central, half-baked, temporary ).
adverb A word that modifies a verb, an adjective, or another adverb (slowly, obstinately, much ). Most of time an adverb ends in -ly.
conjunction A word that connects other words, phrases, or sentences (and, but, or, because ).
interjection A word, phrase, or sound used as an exclamation and capable of standing by itself (oh, Lord, my goodness ).
preposition A word or phrase that shows the relationship of a noun to another noun (at, by, in, to, from, with )
pronoun A word that substitutes for a noun and refers to a person, place, thing, idea, or act. (he, she, it, that ).

{Week 2}
Affect vs. Effect
I am covering the most common uses.
I think it will answer your questions. If not, you know what to do.

Affect - Affect is a verb. It means to produce an effect or to influence.
--> Here's a shortcut to help you remember: Affect = Action <--

Effect - Effect is a noun. It is a result or meaning. It can also be personal property or sound, lighting, or scenery like in a play or movie.

Now, there are derivatives of each that bend these definitions.

For example:

  • The storm effected the shoreline. 

Here effected is used a verb meaning to bring about or to happen.


  • It was an affective account of her trip to Haiti.
  • To prevent being affected by the flu virus, I had to wear a very stylish paper mask.

Here affective is an adjective

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Next week we will start some punctuation.


  1. We always have this problem in the stories we get for my school's yearbook (I'm one of the editors), every single one uses the wrong "ffect" word. I'm soo ready to print this and give a copy to each and every reporter. :) Thanks!!!

  2. Okay, I'm SO not trying to be a hater, but in the sentence above:
    "It was a affective account of her trip to Haiti."

    Shouldn't it be "It was AN affective account of her trip to Haiti."?

    Also, can you please explain: Their, They're, There? <---so annoying when their used wrong! (haha)

    Oh, and one that I always get confused about, for real:
    Its or It's
    Typically, if it is possessive there is an apostrophe, but isn't it the opposite for its and it's?

    You know I love you! I hope you're feeling well!

  3. Yep! Typo! I'll fix it. Thanks!

  4. Is it sad that I judge people on the grammar that they use? Haha!